Why Choose CPHT Sheffield for Hypnotherapy Training?

For most people, trying to decide whether to train to become a solution focused hypnotherapist is possibly quite daunting. After all, it’s something completely new and for most, it is completely unchartered territory !

Fear not, we make the process as easy and as enjoyable as possible.

Firstly, you can relax because you are in good hands. CPHT has been running as a training school for hypnotherapists since 1995 -that’s 24 years at the time of writing ! There are over 20 branches in the UK and abroad and growing. During that time and at those locations you can be sure that we have trained quite a few solution focused hypnotherapists ! The great thing about CPHT is that we train you how to build your practice as you train, so that by the time you complete the course, 10 months later, you could have a practice, with regular clients that is already running, and seeing clients to suit your hours that you choose.

Pulling from our famous ‘top 10 reasons to choose us’; number one is that we produce practitioners who are ‘fit for purpose’. We believe if you want to train to become a hypnotherapist you have come to the right place. The support throughout the course from the lecturers, who are practising hypnotherapists and supervisors is second to none. Ongoing supervision continues to support you after the course finishes and as you build your practice.

You can feel safe that the course is accredited with numerous respected organisations such as the NCH, NCFE, GHSC, CNHC, and others. The course is externally validated and portfolios are second-marked by external organisations to ensure standards and quality.

Most importantly, there is no point in being a great solution focused hypnotherapist if you don’t have any clients. We include marketing skills within our training to arm you with ideas and tips on how to market your new business to the world, or to your local community. You will be putting these skills into good use as you start your practice throughout the 10 months of the course.

We try to make the course accessible for all by offering monthly payments rather than having to pay for all of the course up front. Many students make the investment back sooner rather than later as they start to build their regular client base. The course is easy to fit into your schedule, even if you are working full time or a busy Mum. One weekend per month of teaching fits easily into most schedules.

Finally, the course can be enlightening to your own personal and self-development. When you are learning how to help people with anxiety, low mood, phobias, weight management, sports performance, etc., then you learn first hand how to help yourself. You will learn the theories of neuroscience (how the brain works to create anxiety, anger, depression etc) and you will learn positive practical exercises that you will put into place with your clients.

Many of our hypnotherapists came to be therapists as they started off being clients themselves and got hooked on the positivity and the reward of helping others.

We hope this helps on why choose CPHT Sheffield as your hypnotherapy training provider and we hope this has encouraged you to find out more.

For more information on the hypnotherapy training course contact Debbie or Jane at www.cphtsheffield.co.uk