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The Importance of Repetition 


The nature of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is to assist the client to find their own solutions to problems. The key to solution focused therapy is to do this without focusing on the problem itself.

We use the same unique session structure irrespective of the client problem. This means that we can use the same template of therapy for clients with multiple anxiety issues and mild to moderate depression. We can include weight management insomnia and OCD. There is a long list of client issues that work well within this method. However, there are a couple of exceptions to this. We use a different structure to help clients with phobias and for smoking cessation.

Advantages of session structure

There are significant advantages to having this general therapy session structure. Donald Hebb introduced ‘Hebb’s Rule’ in his book of 1949. The Rule is summarised as “Cells that fire together wire together” meaning that neural pathways get stronger the more they are used. Therefore, because of more repetition, the stronger the connection and the deeper the learning. Repetition is implemented to strengthen the potential for change.

Anxiety is formed from within the primitive emotional brain, which does not like change, so by using repetition we are able to keep the client relaxed and comfortable because they know what to expect. The certainty is reassuring and calming. Clients with anxiety, stress and overwhelm find that this standardised approach helps to provide order, because life can feel chaotic under stress.

Repetition creates an expectancy within the client. They know what they need to do in collaborating with the therapist to bring about change. While they may need to put effort into working with the therapist during a session, there are no unsettling and stressful surprises for the client.

The session begins with inconsequential language, or ‘problem free’ talk to relax the client. This problem-free talk encourages the client to operate in a positive intellectual part of the brain.

Next steps toward a preferred future

Towards the end of the session, careful questioning by the therapist helps the client to identify the next positive step that would take them towards their preferred future.

Before trance work, the client therefore develops an achievable ‘picture’ toward their desired goals. Trance then allows the brain some space to consider change and look at solving problems or finding solutions.

In this way the client begins to move forward in life, towards their preferred future.

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Jane Fox, Senior Lecturer at CPHT Sheffield.